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Deloitte Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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Deloitte visited our campus for 3 profiles:

  • Analyst – Deloitte USI Consulting
  • Analyst – Deloitte India
  • Technology Analyst- Risk & Financial Advisory

Shortlisting Criteria:

  • No active backlogs.
  • Aggregate 60% or CGPA of 6.5 and above. (All branches allowed)

Round 1: Online Aptitude Assessment through AMCAT

  • Verbal Ability, Logical Ability, Quantitative ability, Technical MCQ on OS, CN, DBMS, SQL(only Technology Analyst).

More than 200 students applied and around 50 cleared the online test.

Round 2: Interview on Zoom Call

Time: 30 Mins

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • Project Discussion(went long).
  • Some questions on Computer Security, Java, and C.
  • Apart from studies what do you do?
  • They selected a total of 20 students(combining all the 3 roles). I was one of them.


  • Be thorough with your resume and confidence is the key, don’t hesitate to answer, and don’t fumble. Each and every nook and cranny of the resume will be asked.
  • The interviewers were very supportive and polite.

Verdict: Selected

I would like to thank GeeksforGeeks for providing all the necessary materials needs to get a job.

Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2021
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