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Deloitte USI Interview Experience | On-Campus

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Deloitte USI visited our campus to hire freshers for the 2022 batch for the roles of

  • Profile 1: Analyst – Deloitte USI Consulting
  • Profile 2: Technology Analyst- Deloitte USI Risk & Financial Advisory.

Profile 1: Analyst – Deloitte USI Consulting

Eligibility Criteria:

  • B.Tech/ B.E. – Computer Science/ IT, Chemical, EXTC
  • 2022 Graduates only
  • No active backlogs
  • Aggregate 60% or CGPA of 6.75 and above 

Profile 2:  Technology Analyst- Deloitte USI Risk & Financial Advisory  

Eligibility Criteria:

  • B.Tech/ B.E. – CS, IT and EXTC Branches
  • 2022 Graduates only
  • No active backlogs
  • Aggregate 60% or CGPA of 6.75 and above

The complete process consisted of three rounds; round 1 for the aptitude test, round 2 for the interview, and make your mark.

Round 1 (Online Test):

The first aptitude round had various sections like:

  • Aptitude
  • Reading and Comprehension
  • Java-Based
  • Databases
  • Computer Network
  • Internet Programming

All these questions were of medium difficulty level.  

All these sections were only relevant for those who had applied for the Technology Analyst’s second profile. Those who had applied for the role of Analyst had only the aptitude section for their test.  

19 students were shortlisted for the technology analyst role interview and I was one of them.

Round 2 (HR + Tech Round):

This round was more like a conversation rather than being a QnA round. The interviewer asked me to explain any of my projects listed on my resume, I gave him a clear insight into what that was.

Pro Tip: Explain your projects in layers. Start with the content you would tell a 5th-grade student, then an 8th-grade student gradually dives into the technical depths of the project so that everything is crystal clear.

He then asked me about the tech stack I have worked on and in which part of which project is on my resume.  

Then he moved to my Final year project. It was cyber security-based, I gave him an overview and he was highly impressed with the idea so he asked me to elaborate it even more.

Then he moved on to ask me about role-related terms like information security and how it is achieved. He basically wanted to know my understanding of the role I was interviewing for.

All my answers seemed very much satisfying to him. To conclude the interview he asked me if I had a question. I asked him a question and he gladly answered it and then we signed off.

Round 3 (Make your mark):

All the students who had made it through the interview including me (13 out of 19 ) were HIRED! This round did not happen and we received a warm welcome from HR. I can not explain how happy I was, I was literally on cloud nine.

Tip: Do complete research about the company, its principles, and its recent project (Linkedin is an effective tool). All this research will help you to come up with a witty question that would reflect your interest in the company and eventually impress the interviewer.

Keep all your basics clear, be thorough with your resume and then you are good to go. Best of luck.  

Last Updated : 24 Aug, 2021
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