DBS Interview Experience (Technical Associate Position for Freshers)

Below is my DBS  (Asia’s Largest Digital Bank), Hyderabad Interview Experience.

Round 1: First round was an online coding round consisting of 14 questions to be completed in 75 minutes. Those who are habituated of Competitive Programming and basics of CS fundamentals can easily clear this round. First 4 questions were coding questions and next 10 questions were MCQ consisting of the mixture of C, C++, Database, operating System, Networking and Aptitude questions.

Round 2: Those who cleared first round were invited to DBS office Hyderabad for Hackathon Round. The duration of Hackathon was 5 hours. People were divided into groups and each group had a mentor who was observing the work of his group members. Your mentor will decide in the end that who will proceed for the next round of interview from your team. We had to develop an application that can calculate EMI according to customer’s PlanId and also display the transaction details of the DBS customer. There was the requirement of an attractive user interface with DBS Logo where the customer will enter his details to login. The required data in excel file was provided in the challenge. One must have strong Web Development Skills (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Node.js etc.) to clear this round.

Round 3: Students who cleared round 2 were interviewed by the group of panels, consisting of the mix of technical and HR interview :

Question 1: BFS and DFS, Topological Sort

Question 2: Find median in a stream (Maximum heap method was expected)

Question 3: Implement stack using two queues

Question 4: What is normalization

Question 5: Longest increasing Subsequence, Coin change Problem (Dynamic Programming)

Question 6: Why do you want to join DBS

Question 7: Tell the names of group members with whom you worked in previous round (Hackathon Round)

Question 8: What will you do if your seniors are working in wrong direction. How would you handle the situation ?

Question 9: What are the three most important topics in India currently according to you?

Question 10: What is the first perfect number?

Question 11: Do you have any question from us ? What’s your expectation from us?

Soon after the interview, the result was declared and I was selected. Thanks to geeksforgeeks.

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