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DBS Hack2Hire Hackathon Interview Experience 2020

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DBS ( Development Bank of Singapore ) organises an event Hack2Hire Campus every year to recruit freshers at Hyderabad campus.
DBS’ Hack2Hire programme is back for the third consecutive year. They seek to identify top talent in emerging technologies such as Data Science, Data Engineering, Java, Full Stack Development and Mobile Application development.

Desired Candidate Profile for DBS Campus Hack2hire 2020 Hiring:

  • Are Computer Science graduate(CS/IT) passing out in 2020 with 60% marks throughout your academic career.
  • Have a strong knowledge of distributed computing, Operating systems, cloud infrastructure, mobile and web applications development, Have an understanding of Full Stack application development
  • Have an understanding of Full Stack application development
  • Have a passion to learn new technologies and drive major transformation

Round 1: Online Assessments – Test your abilities through our tech assessment challenge on Hacker Rank (to be taken on a laptop).

  • 3 Programming problem based on Data Structure and Algorithms.
  • Problem based on dynamic programming (Maximum sum).
  • There are around 20 MCQs based on various Computer Science Concepts.

Round 2: Hack2Hire hackathon – Shortlisted candidates will be invited to join the live Campus Hack2Hire hackathon (in person) held in Hyderabad, India.

It is a Full Day Hackathon where You will get a problem statements to do with the Team Members of 5-6 Students to complete the running tasks within 4Hrs.
Problems were like Loan Approval API and other Data Science Problems. The short listed team perform demo presentation and the top 3 teams will get Gift and goodies.

Round 3: Technical and HR round – The short listed student from the every team called for the Interview
It consist of Both Technical and HR round together
Technical Round Questions are from Data Structure and Algorithms
Topics – Array, Tree, Linked-list, Sorting and Problems on Hackathon, OOPs, OS, DBMS etc.

HR Round  – Tell me about yourself, How was your day, Hackathon Experience and About Team Member names.

Round 4: Senior Manager ( Technical Round + HR ) 

Tell me about your Projects and your contribution in projects, Dynamic Programming questions (Write code ), and a Puzzle.
HR – Why to join DBS ?, How was your day, Experiences.

After 15 min you will get a Offer Letter in Hand.

TIPs – Do your best in Hackathon Implement your thoughts and do the task as much you can do.

Last Updated : 13 Feb, 2020
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