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DBS Hack2Hire Interview Experience (Tech Associate)

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I’m writing from my Interview Experience for the role of Tech Associate at DBS (Asia’s Largest Digital Bank).

Round 1(Online Challenge): First round was an online challenge on HackerEarth. This challenge consisted of around 20 MCQs mostly about Java, javascript and OOPs based concepts. If you are strong in your basics then these questions are no biggie. It also had two coding equations. The coding questions that I got were:

Q1: Balancing Parenthesis: Given a string of parenthesis you have to print the minimum number of deletions that can be made so to balance the parenthesis.

For ex:  Input: “()((())”

Output: 1

Q2: Forming the largest number by concatenating all the elements of an array. You can refer to the below link for the exact question description.

Round 2 (Hackathon): Based on the online challenge score,   we were invited for the Hack2Hire Hackathon at DBS  Hyderabad. It was very well organised competition. They were very punctual with the schedule. They had already decided our teammates and we had to just meet them at the table. It was great learning experience as I got to interact with a lot of experienced people. We were given with 4-5 problem statements and had to pick one and given 5 hours to solve the problem. We choose to develop a help desk kiosk. Based on the functionalities that we implemented, we were given points. The next round was after the hackathon.

Note: Winning the hackathon does not guarantee that you would get shortlisted for the next round.

Each table was assigned with a table coach/Tech recruiter and a HR mentor who were actually observing us during the hackathon. The table mentor had a casual discussion with every member of the team  about their experience and  certain interesting things  that they found our resumes. After the hackathon results, our table coaches announced the shortlisted candidates for the HR interview.

Round 3(HR Interview): The HR interview was one of the best experiences that I have had so far. The HR round for every candidate was for about 15-20 mins. The final shortlist was completely dependent on the HR round. The HR asked me about my hackathon experience, few puzzles and why I wanted to join DBS?

She had also asked me about my other offers and their package.  It was very casual talk where I felt she was trying to analyse my personality.

If you planning to attend the process, then  I wish you All the best! 🙂

Last Updated : 11 Feb, 2019
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