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Comparison of 8051 with its other family members

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 23 Jun, 2020
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8051 is 8-bit microcontroller with 4 KB program memory and 128 Bytes data memory. Other features include four 8-bit ports, two 16-bit timers and one on-chip serial port.

Overview of the 8051 Family :
8051 microcontroller was initially designed by Intel Corporation in 1981. Features of 8051 made it extremely popular in market. Because of it’s popularity and high demand Intel allowed other manufacturers to fabricate and market different variants of 8051 with a condition that all these variants should be code compatible with 8051. This resulted in a lot of variants of 8051 in market, among which 8052 and 8031 are the most popular ones. Therefore, 8052 and 8031 are considered as the family members of 8051.

  • 8052 –
    8052 is the super set of 8051 as it has all the features of 8051 with an extra timer and an extra RAM of 128 bytes. Therefore, 8052 has a total of 256 bytes of RAM and 3 timers in all. Also all the programs written for 8051 will run on 8052 as 8052 is super set of 8051, but it’s reverse is not true.

  • 8031 –
    8031 is referred to as ROM-less microcontroller chip because it has 0 K byes of on-chip ROM. For it’s operation, 8031 requires external ROM which aids it in fetch and execute operations. Apart from this, it shares almost all the features of 8051.

Comparison of 8051 with its other family members :
Following table highlights the main characteristics of distinction between 8051, 8052 and 8031 –

RAM128 bytes256 bytes128 bytes
ROM (on-chip)4 KB8 KB0 KB
Number of Timer232
Interrupt Sources686
Serial Port111
Number of I/O Ports323232

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