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Comparison of Python with Other Programming Languages

Last Updated : 10 May, 2020
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Python is an easily adaptable programming language that offers a lot of features. Its concise syntax and open-source nature promote readability and implementation of programs which makes it the fastest-growing programming language in current times. Python has various other advantages which give it an edge over other popular programming languages such as Java and C++.

Python vs Java

  • In Python there is no need for semicolon and curly braces in the program as compared to Java which will show syntax error if one forgot to add curly braces or semicolon in the program.
  • Python code requires fewer lines of code as compare to Java to write the same program. For Example, Here is a code in Java

    public class PythonandJava {
        public static void main(String[] args)
            System.out.println("Python and Java!");



    Python and Java!

    Same code written in Python

    print("Python and Java !")



    Python and Java!
  • Python is dynamically typed that means one has to only assign a value to a variable at runtime, Python interpreter will detect the data type on itself as compare to Java where one has to explicitly mention the data type.
  • Python supports various type of programming models such as imperative, object-oriented and procedural programming as compare to Java which is completely based on the object and class-based programming models.
  • Python is easy to read and learn which is beneficial for beginners who are looking forward to understanding the fundamentals of programming quickly as compare to Java which has a steep learning curve due to its predefined complex syntaxes.
  • Python concise syntax makes it a much better option for people of other disciplines who want to use programming language for data mining, neural processing, Machine Learning or statistical analysis as compare to Java syntax which is long and hard to read.
  • Python is free and open-source means its code is available to the public on repositories and it is free for commercial purposes as compare to Java which may require a paid license to be used for large scale application development.
  • Python code requires fewer resources to run since it directly gets compiled into machine code as compare to Java which first compiles to byte code, then needs to be compiled to machine code by the Java Virtual Machine(JVM).

Python vs C++

  • Python is more memory efficient because of its automatic garbage collection as compared to C++ which does not support garbage collection.
  • Python code is easy to learn, use and write as compare to C++ which is hard to understand and use because of its complex syntax.
  • Python uses an interpreter to execute the code which makes it easy to run on almost every computer or operating system. as compare to C++ code which does not run on other computers until it is compiled on that computer.
  • Python can be easily used for rapid application development because of its smaller code size as compare to C++ which is impossible to use for rapid application development because of it large code fragments.
  • Readability of Python code is more since it resembles actual English as compared to C++ code which contains hard to read structures and syntaxes.
  • Variables defined in Python are easily accessible outside the loop as compare to C++ in which scope of variables is limited within the loop.

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