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Cognizant Internship Interview Experience for GenC | On-Campus 2020

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 09 May, 2021

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, all the rounds were online. They were offered a 3-6 month full-time internship at Cognizant before permanent employment. They are hiring for two roles Genc and Genc Next. Selection in the Genc Next is from the same test, but you need to score 80% and above correct questions in Automata Fix.

This is the whole procedure for GenC and GenC Next:

Round 1(Online Aptitude & Code Debugging Assessment): The test was held on AMCAT, an AI-enabled auto-proctored platform with a webcam enabled throughout the test. The level of the test was from easy to medium level. It was an adaptive test means the level of the next question will depend based on the answer you submit for the current one. The test consisted of the following sections:

  • Quantitative Aptitude: 24 Questions (35 mins)
  • Logical Reasoning: 25 Questions (35 mins)
  • Automata Fix: 7 Questions (20 mins)
  • Essay Writing(200 words): 1 Question (30 mins)

The Automata Fix section was mandatory for CS/IT students. For other branches, they relaxed that portion while shortlisting for the next round.

Tips: Practicing daily for the aptitude, you are surely going to crack it.

Round 2 (Technical Interview GenC)

My Interview was scheduled at 12 but it started at 12:15 and some of my friend’s Interviewers did not come on time and I remember they waited for more than an hour, Maybe the Interviewer was busy with other interviews. 

  • Introduce Yourself.
  • What coding language you are comfortable with? (i said C++)
  • Explain OOPs concept?
  • Difference between Data hiding and Encapsulation?
  • In my resume, it was written Passionate coder ????, so he asked about some algorithms
  • How does Binary Search work? Complexity? (no need to write code, explain verbally)
  • what is bubble sort and how this sorting algorithm works? complexity?
  • Which is best sorting algorithm and complexity?
  • Why linked lists over arrays?

I answered all the questions calmly and explained them with suitable examples. The interviewer impressed with my answers.

At this time Interviewer knew that there is no weak point in programming but then he asked some aptitude questions. and I was not prepared for that.

” I thought C’mon man who is asking aptitude questions, I have given more than 5 technical interviews of different companies, and no one asked for aptitude.”

He asked some 2-3 Aptitude questions

  • First was from time and distance which was simple (but I can’t able to solve because I don’t remember the formula, then he has given some hints and formula then I was able to answer)
  • Second, He asked to calculate 30% and 20% of some given number. (this was correct)

The Interviewer was very friendly and he has given me feedback that you have good programming skills and calculation but you are very weak in aptitude. Then he asked you are good at coding then why you are not selected for GenC Next? 

Interview Ends ——

TIPS (MUST READ): I have done 6 correct in Automata Fix but still I was not qualified for Genc Next Role, so solve as many as you can, I think in my University many were solved 6-7 questions, maybe it was difficult to choose limited students for that. The Question were easy, but the time constraint is there. And do prepare for aptitude It going to help in 1st round. And in my case both rounds.

The Interview was really easy and anyone can qualify for this Interview if you have some basic programming knowledge.

Result: In the end, I was able to crack all the rounds and got placed in the prestigious company. I hope, the above information will clear most of the doubts and if you have any doubts, do write them down in a comment. I will be happy to answer.

Thank You.

Happy Coding!

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