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Cognizant Genc Next and Genc Elevate Interview Experience

Last Updated : 27 Oct, 2021
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Recently Cognizant Technical Solutions(CTS) visited our campus to recruit for Genc Next and Genc Elevate roles for their organization.

Round-1(Online Test): It consisted of 4 sections. 

  1. The first section had Aptitude questions which were of Medium and hard level. 
  2. The second section consisted of Technical MCQs from DBMS, C++, Java and Python. It also consisted questions from OOP Concepts.
  3. The third section consisted of 2 Coding Questions which were based on Arrays and Strings.(I don’t remember the questions.)
  4. The fourth section was from SQL . It consisted of 2 questions which required complex queries.

I took the online test for GenC next but was shortlisted for GenC Elevate.

Round-2(Technical Interview): The interviewer started asking questions on Data Structures, DBMS, Python and Puzzles.

Some of the questions were:

  1. What is monkey patching in Python?
  2. What is difference between Linked list and ArrayList?
  3. How will you print an array in reverse in Python?
  4. What is the difference between Inner join and outer join?
  5. Some random questions on binary search and linear search were also asked.

I answered most of them. Then at last the interviewer asked if I had any questions from him.

Round-3(HR Interview): He just asked some questions like if I know any foreign language and then he verified my documents and the interview was over.


  • Focus on basics.
  • Keep calm and hope for the best.

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