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Cogizant Genc Next Interview Experience

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Round 1 Online Test (Debugging Code+ Aptitude Test): This round consisted of easy logical and mathematical aptitude questions that have to do within a time limit. You could not navigate between questions. This test took place on AMCAT.

Out of 250 students, 40 cleared this round.

Round 2 Coding Round (80 mins): This round consisted of 2 easy and 2 medium questions.

  1. Modular Exponentiation (Power in Modular Arithmetic)
  2. It was an easy question based on Hashmap.
  3. Given some projects and each project consisted of some modules. Each module needs to be completed in 1 week, but we cannot complete two modules of the same project consecutively. Given no of weeks find of maximum no of modules that can be completed. This question can be done using a priority queue.
  4. It was an ad hoc question based on some scheduling techniques.

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People who managed to complete 3–4 questions cleared this round. Out of 40 students, 16 were shortlisted for Technical/HR interview.

Round 3 Technical /HR interview(approx. 1 hr): The interviewer asked questions from my project and asked some detailed questions about error handling in C++(try-catch block) and how to handle them in general. Then he asked questions related to OOP concepts, DBMS, and implementation details about my project.  He discussed database connection in MongoDB. What are the drivers? What is URI? 

He then asked to code me any sorting algorithm and asked questions about its working and time complexity. He asked me questions related to Java database connection which I couldn’t answer. 

The key is to have a solid understanding of whatever you write and resume and have a good hold on Data Structure and Algorithms.

He asked a few scenario-based HR questions.

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Last Updated : 11 Dec, 2020
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