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Cognizant GenC Next Interview experience (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 15 Sep, 2021
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Well, Cognizant has conducted an on-campus drive for all the premium colleges in India. All the students needed to fill in their details in the superset.

Criteria: After submission of details in the superset, the company has shortlisted the students according to their resumes and the roles they have applied. The shortlisted students were allowed to write the exam.

Round 1: Online Test

  • The exam was conducted on the Amcat platform and it has 5 sections. The first two sections were MCQs based on Data structures and Algorithms, HTML, DBMS, and some code snippets. The next two sections consist of four Programming questions of medium to difficult level.
  • The last section was on SQL. Two SQL questions were given. I was able to solve two programming questions and most of the MCQs. 80 out of 600 were shortlisted for the next round. I was one of them.

Round 2: Technical Interview

  • This round started with the self-introduction and then he quickly jumped on to the python (as the role was python developer). He asked about my knowledge of python and he shared his screen and asked to solve the questions which were present on his screen. Python codes were present on his screen which I need to debug and predict the output.
  • The difficulty of the codes were ranging from medium to advanced level. Luckily I was able to solve all the questions and he was impressed and gave me some questions to write the code in python and I was able to do it as well. Finally, the interview was completed. And I got a call for the next round.

Round 3: HR Interview

  • In this round, the interviewer was very casual and asked to show my certificates. Then he asked some HR questions like Why Cognizant? , Why should we hire you? , Tell me your strengths, etc.
  • The results were announced after four days of the HR round. Most of the people were offered GenC elevate and I was selected for GenC Next.

Tips: Be strong on your resume and the role you have applied for.

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