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Cognizant GenC Next Interview Experience for Data Scientist

Last Updated : 07 Sep, 2021
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My interview for GenC Next had been scheduled for the 29th of August 2021. With no delay, I will begin describing how it was and I hope this is of some use.

The role I had applied for was that of a Data Scientist.

Technical Interview

Time: 40 to 45 minutes

  • The technical interview started with me being asked for my introduction. I suggest you draft your introduction beforehand and make sure what you say is something you are confident about. The introduction most of the time sets the tone and the direction of the interview.
  • I was initially asked the following questions and the questions were all to do with Python and Data Science with Python because in my introduction I had mentioned “being a Python-enthusiast” and when asked which language I was the most comfortable with, I replied saying Python.
  • What are the most important features of Python?
  • What are pandas?
  • Why is Python so widely used?
  • C and C++ have pointers. How does pointer translate in Python?
  • Later I was asked to share my screen and I was given to write some SQL queries. I wrote them on the notepad
  • The SQL Queries were to be written on JOINS.
  • Bonus Tip: Do have a good idea of built-in functions in SQL
  • Also, whilst writing your code be aware of what you speak and explain your process as you go along. Make it engaging for the interviewer too.
  • I was asked to build a DataFrame using lists. I did it on Jupiter notebook
  • No coding questions were asked only simple one-line python code.
  • Topics: List and Dictionary Comprehension. Tuple and List concatenation.
  • Tip: Be thorough with Data Structures in Python if Python is what you have mentioned being the language you are most comfortable with
  • Finally, we moved on to have a discussion on my Projects.
  • Tip: Have an explanation drafted with major points of discussion being your objective, challenges faced, how you overcame them, or any limitations.
  • I would suggest you go through interview questions that are most commonly asked in DSA, OOPS, DBMS, SQL, Software Development Lifecycle, the language you have mentioned, Exception Handling, Multithreading, and Multiprocessing, Garbage Collection.

Resource: GeeksforGeeks and Interviewbit

Lastly, be confident. Answer with a calm head. Don’t be so hard on yourself and get a good night’s sleep before the day of your interview.

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