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Cisco Interview Experience | Set 19 (For IT Engineer Profile)

Last Updated : 30 Apr, 2019
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Online Written test

1 Hour 50 questions NO negative marking.

Approx 25 aptitude(distance-time, permutations, probability, logical reasoning, etc)

Remaining 25 from technical section(C-output, error in the code, stack, linked list problems, binary tree leaf nodes, OS scheduling numerical, one complex SQL query, BITwise operations and rest 7 to 8 questions were from digital electronics).

Tip: Speed and accuracy matter a lot in this round.

1st round Technical

There were 3 people in the panel. 2 were asking questions and the 3rd one was observing me.

They started with- Tell me about yourself.

Then they grilled every single line of my resume. Every project, technology used and my role in that was thoroughly discussed.

One question on synchronous and asynchronous communication between systems.

When I explained to them about my job role in earlier work experience they asked how my job could be automated. I told them some machine learning algorithm. They were satisfied with my approach.

Then some questions on Javascript, Jquery and Bootstrap on frontend design as it was all used in one of my projects. Mainly the Bootstrap Grid system was discussed in detail.

What is LDAP? I have studied this concept earlier but was unable to answer at that point of time.

Then they asked do I have some questions for them. I asked about what kind of projects I will be working on if I got selected. They told everything about that.

This round ended in around 35-40 minutes.

2nd Round(HR)

Tell me about yourself.

Explain everything about my work experience as I was having 2 years of work-exp earlier.

Some other basic HR questions.

What I liked about the company PPT.

Then she asked do I have some questions for her. I asked about Cisco work culture and one question on their PPT. She replied them briefly.

Then I was asked to wait outside.

At the end of the day, I got selected for both internship and Full-time offer. 🙂


1. Be thorough about every single word written in your resume.

2. Clarity on your projects and problem-solving ability.

3. Prepare some questions to ask them at the end of the interview If they ask you to do so. For this do some analysis about the company and understand the PPT well.

4. Don’t try to act over smart. The interviewer might be your future team-mate or your project manager. They should love working with you.

5. There is no shortcut to success.

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