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Arcesium Interview Experience | Set 5 (3+ years experience – Developer profile)

Last Updated : 29 Nov, 2019
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I recently attended the interview drive conducted by Arcesium in their Hyderabad office. I was shortlisted based on my resume.
There were total 3 round of F2F interviews and each interview had 2 interviewers.

1st Round :
a) Tell me about yourself and discussion on current project
b) questions about DB schema and cardinality
c) Find the middle node and Kth from last node in a Linked List
d) StringBuffer vs String vs StringBuilder ( String concatenation in java)
e) Exception handling in java ( throws vs throw, checked vs unchecked, exception propagation during inheritance, custom run-time exceptions)

2nd Round :
a) Given a stack containing integers, Sort the stack in O(1) space. (we can use recursion though)
b) Given a number n, find the number of trailing zeros in n!
c) Given an array of integers and N operations in the form of (i,j,k), which means add k to all the element from i to j in the array, and print the array after N such operations.(Use Segment tree)
d) 25 horses problem
e) Design a Blog post website, which will notify all the subscriber of a user, when he posts some blog on the website

3rd Round :
a) Transactions in RDBMS
b) How to implement transactions in multi-threaded environment
c) Use of volatile in Java
d) Singleton Design Pattern (double locking mechanism vs Enum )
e) How would you implement transactions in a Netbanking software, where multiple users are transferring and withdrawing money from multiple accounts?
f) DB deadlocks scenario and 2 phase commit in DB
g) How does Garbage collection work in Java ( discussion on Young/Old Generation, Mark and Sweep, Mark and Compact algorithms)
h) What is weak reference in Java and how it is used?
i) Reason for joining Arcesium

I answered all the questions correctly with some help from the interviewers who were very helpful, whenever I was stuck. I got an offer from the HR after 10 days of the Interview for the post Senior Member Technical.

Overall I feel, Arcesium looks for a candidate who has strong knowledge in Java, DBMS and Design Pattern and decent knowledge in OS and networking.
So be sure to brush up on the basic Java, DSA, OS and Design Patterns.  All the best 🙂

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