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Infosys Interview Experience for System Engineer Profile | On-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 27 Jan, 2021
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Infosys came to our campus for system engineer profile.

First Round

General Aptitude

  • 15 questions from reasoning ability
  • 10 from technical ability
  • 20 questions in 20 minutes from verbal ability
  • 5 pseudocode test questions in 10 minutes
  • 4 numerical Puzzle test of 4 questions in 10 minutes

The test was difficult because out of 300 only 40 get selected  

Second Round

My first question was tell me about yourself. I have mention two projects in my cv so there was some discussion on my project. Then recruiter asked me in which computer programming language I was comfortable. The third question was what is the difference between java and python. Next question was what is oops, explain oops concept with a real-world example. Then she asked what is the difference between data abstraction and data hiding. Then she asked some hr. questions like what are your other goals apart from career goals. And then interview lasted for about 15-20 minutes and then it got ended.

Though this was my fourth interview experience. I was able to clear it. They select 11 out of which 40 in which I was one of them.

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