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Characteristics of Computer System

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A computer is a fast electronic device that processes raw data, performs arithmetic and logical operations, and produces output. Nowadays, the computer has become a part of our life and can be used in most fields. In a computer, there are various characteristics of computer systems depending on their size, capacity, and specifications. But, the major characteristics of the computer can be classified into Speed, Accuracy, Diligence, Versatility, Reliability, Consistency, Memory, Storage Capacity, Remembrance Power, and Automation.

What is a Computer?

A computer system is a basic and functional computer that includes all the hardware and software that are required to make it functional for the user. It is an electronic device that accepts the data as input, processes the data in a pre-determined way and then communicates the result as output on the screen. CPU which stands for Central Processing Unit is the brain of the computer. It is an electronic circuit within a computer that executes instructions that make up a computer program. Various blocks of CPU are-

  • It carries out the operations of arithmetic and logical expressions.
  • The timing and Control Unit controls the entire operation being performed on the computer system.
  • The register is a very small amount of very fast memory that is built into the CPU in order to store the current data and instructions that are being performed by the CPU.
  • unit is the storage unit of the computer system which is used to store the program statement and data.
  • Input and Output unit sends and receives data to display it to the user.

Characteristics of Computer System

Let’s go over the characteristics of computers.

1. Speed

Executing mathematical calculation, a computer works faster and more accurately than human. Computers have the ability to process so many millions (1,000,000) of instructions per second. Computer operations are performed in micro and nano seconds. A computer is a time saving device. It performs several calculations and tasks in few seconds that we take hours to solve. The speed of a computer is measure in terms of GigaHertz and MegaHertz.

2. Diligence

A human cannot work for several hours without resting, yet a computer never tires. A computer can conduct millions of calculations per second with complete precision without stopping. A computer can consistently and accurately do millions of jobs or calculations. There is no weariness or lack of concentration. Its memory ability also places it ahead of humans.

3. Reliability

A computer is reliable. The output results never differ unless the input varies. the output is totally depend on the input. when an input is the same the output will also be the same. A computer produces consistent results for similar sets of data, if we provide the same set of input at any time we will get the same result.

4. Automation

The world is quickly moving toward AI (Artificial Intelligence)-based technology. A computer may conduct tasks automatically after instructions are programmed. By executing jobs automatically, this computer feature replaces thousands of workers. Automation in computing is often achieved by the use of a program, a script, or batch processing.

5. Versatility

Versatility refers to a capacity of computer. Computer perform different types of tasks with the same accuracy and efficiency. A computer can perform multiple tasks at the same time this is known as versatility. For example, while listening to music, we may develop our project using PowerPoint and Wordpad, or we can design a website.

6. Memory

A computer can store millions of records. these records may be accessed with complete precision. Computer memory storage capacity is measured in Bytes, Kilobytes(KB), Megabytes(MB), Gigabytes(GB), and Terabytes(TB). A computer has built-in memory known as primary memory.

7. Accuracy

When a computer performs a computation or operation, the chances of errors occurring are low. Errors in a computer are caused by human’s submitting incorrect data. A computer can do a variety of operations and calculations fast and accurately.

Characteristics of Computer – FAQs

1. What do you mean by virtualization?

It is the technique of creating a virtual replica of a computer or operating system to run on another hardware.

2. What is multitasking ability of a computer?

Computers can perform multiple tasks at the same time, allowing the user to work on multiple programs at the same time is called multitasking ability. This characteristic of computer is useful for applications such as data analysis, video editing, and so on.

3. What do you mean by data storage capacity of a computer?

data storage capacity means holding data in a memory. Computer data storage capacity is increasing all the time, despite the fact that they can store multiple amounts of data. Modern computers may store data in Terabytes, where a byte is a storage capacity word.

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Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2023
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