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CBSE Class 9 Political Science Revision Notes

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Political Science is a subtopic of the class 9 Social Science subject. It has 20 marks weightage out of 80 marks. This NCERT Class 9 Political Science Syllabus gives you clear and correct information. Political Science provides knowledge of world affairs, and how the government system of a country works. It is a scientific study of politics.

Our CBSE Class 9 Political Science Notes also include important questions and answers, sample papers, and previous year’s question papers, giving you an edge over your peers. With our notes, you can develop a strong foundation in Political Science and improve your problem-solving skills.

Book Name: Democratic Politics- I

Chapter 1: What is Democracy? Why Democracy?

The first chapter of political science in the Social Science Curriculum of Class 9 is about “What is Democracy? Why Democracy?”. The main objective of the article is to develop conceptual skills for defining democracy and to understand how the historical trajectory has promoted democracy. The chapter intends to develop a historical sense of the presence of Democracy in India.

Chapter 2: Constitutional Design

The second chapter is about Constitutional Design. The main motive is to familiarize us with the process of Constitution making, the development of respect for the Constitution, and Constitutional Values. It also promotes recognizing the Constitution as a living document.

Chapter 3: Electoral Politics

The third chapter of the article is about Electoral Politics. The objectives behind the article are to understand the aspects of representative democracy, understand the Indian Electoral System and how it evolved over time, the increased participation of citizens over the years, and the significance of the Election Commission.

Chapter 4: Working of Institutions

The fourth chapter of the book is about the Working of Institutions. The chapter gives an overview of central governmental structures, the role of the Parliament, and the difference between political and permanent executive authorities and functions. The lesson makes one understand the working of the Indian Judiciary.

Chapter 5: Democratic Rights

The fifth chapter of the book is about Democratic Rights. The chapter will provide detailed information about the need to recognize the rights in one’s life, the availability or access of rights in a democracy, Fundamental Rights, and awareness creation in the process of safeguarding the rights.

FAQs on NCERT Class 9 Political Science

Q 1. How many chapters are there in the NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 Political Science?

Ans. There are five chapters in total for class 9 Political Science.

1.     What is democracy? Why democracy?

2.     Constitution design

3.     Electoral politics

4.     Working in an institution

5.     Democratic rights

Q 2. What is government class 9 Political Science?

Ans. A government is an institution that is a group of people that manages a country or a state. Every government has its own set of fundamental principles and rules that they follow to ensure effective governance. 

Q 3. Explain the Role of Parliament.

Ans. A parliament is the Supreme legislative body of a government. In general, a parliament has three roles:

1.     Representing the elected members

2.     Forming Laws

3.     Modifying and Edit laws, and overseeing the working of the government through meetings and hearings.

Q 4. What are the benefits of a democratic government?

Ans. Democracy provides a chance for citizens to be a part of the government’s decision-making. Democratic countries are grown exponentially in terms of relations with other countries and in the economy. Democracy is far better than the other forms of government. It aims to the order in the country.

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Last Updated : 17 Apr, 2023
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