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Prerequisites: Decision Tree, DecisionTreeClassifier, sklearn, numpy, pandas Decision Tree is one of the most powerful and popular algorithm. Decision-tree algorithm falls under the category of… Read More
Let us consider that we are designing a machine learning model. A model is said to be a good machine learning model if it generalizes… Read More
In machine learning, we couldn’t fit the model on the training data and can’t say that the model will work accurately for the real data.… Read More
Prerequisite: Getting started with Classification In this article, we will discuss a method to calculate efficiency of Binary classifier. Let’s assume there is problem where… Read More
If it’s like you are working on a new artificial intelligence project and still have not decided which language you should use to program it,… Read More
• Pre-processing refers to the transformations applied to our data before feeding it to the algorithm. • Data Preprocessing is a technique that is used… Read More
Decision Tree : Decision tree is the most powerful and popular tool for classification and prediction. A Decision tree is a flowchart like tree structure,… Read More
Machine Learning – the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience. It is seen as a subset of artificial intelligence. Classification is a… Read More
When we ask, ‘Is artificial intelligence (AI) possible?’ We really ask ‘Can we create consciousness in computers’ ? The Chinese room argument holds that a… Read More
Supervised learning Supervised learning as the name indicates the presence of a supervisor as a teacher. Basically supervised learning is a learning in which we… Read More
The Turing test developed by Alan Turing(Computer scientist) in 1950. He proposed that “Turing test is used to determine whether or not computer(machine) can think… Read More
Overview Sign language is a visual language that is used by deaf people as their mother tongue. Unlike acoustically conveyed sound patterns, sign language uses… Read More
Before leading to the meaning of artificial intelligence let understand what is the meaning of the Intelligence- Intelligence: The ability to learn and solve problems.… Read More
The term Machine Learning was coined by Arthur Samuel in 1959, an American pioneer in the field of computer gaming and artificial intelligence and stated… Read More
Phyllotaxis/phyllotaxy is the arrangement of leaves on a plant stem & the Phyllotactic spirals form a distinctive class of patterns in nature. The word itself… Read More