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In windows 10, creating multiple user accounts is a good practice for security. Creating a new user in windows 10 is a very easy task.… Read More
Apache Kafka is an open-source application used for real-time streams for data in huge amount. Apache Kafka is a publish-subscribe messaging system. A messaging system… Read More
Wi-Fi(Wireless Fidelity) Launched in September 1997 is affiliated with WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). It is a wireless communication technology that uses radio waves to… Read More
Foldable screens, once thought to be impossible, but in today’s era nothing seems to be impossible and these foldable screens are a reality in form… Read More
AutoCAD is Computer-Aided Design, which is used to design variety of drawings. It provides various kinds of tools with the help of which different kinds… Read More
Python in the world of programming everyone is familiar with the popularity of this language. Learning python and building the project is always an amazing… Read More
Software Piracy is the illegal approach of copying, distributing, modifying, selling, or using the software which is legally protected. So in a simple term, we… Read More
Hans Peter Luhn invented Hashing. He was a conscientious scientist in IBM researching the field of Computer Science and Information Science. There is one more… Read More
A temporary email is a random temporary address that does not require any registration process. It is also known as disposable and throwaway email. and… Read More
Machine Learning is the most popular field in computer science these days! It is one of the emerging technologies with many companies in different sectors… Read More
All the new Android developers see Java as the ideal option because of many reasons given it is age-old language, there are a lot of… Read More
Artificial Brain is a software or hardware which is similar to functioning of biological human brain in terms of Memory, Feelings, Emotions, and decision making.… Read More
Hadoop: Hadoop software is a framework that permits for the distributed processing of huge data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. In… Read More
Thinking as an activity can be quite an ambiguity to explore. Dealing with apparently an incomprehensible span of tasks performed by the human brain or… Read More
The Dark Web is that part of the internet where all the illegal works are done. You can access to the dark web through TOR(The… Read More

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