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The Internet of Things is the latest big buzz around the globe. It is in demand technology which is closest to a human being, closest… Read More
Translation Theory : DNA ⇒ RNA ⇒ Protein Life depends on the ability of cells to store, retrieve, and translate genetic instructions.These instructions are needed… Read More
While navigating the internet we are asked for our login credentials at almost every website we use regularly. One of the most important login credential… Read More
Sometimes we visit some e-commerce website and check some product there and leave the website without placing order. Then when we open Facebook, we see… Read More
Prerequisite : Making your first Open Source Pull Request | Github If you are new to open source and want to contribute to it, you… Read More
XAMPP is a free and open source cross platform web server solution stack package developed by Apache which allow a web application to be easily… Read More
To get started with the Desktop News Notifier, we require two libraries: feedparser and notify2. Give following command to to install feedparser:  sudo pip3 install feedparser… Read More
Asynchronous systems code that is both performance and correct is hard to write. So, engineers typically design asynchronous code using state machine notations, use modeling… Read More
GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communication. Today, GSM is used by more than 800 million end users spread across 190 countries which represents… Read More
In the previous blog post, we built starter app which Displays “GeeksForGeeks is Awesome!” text and learned some JavaScript code using React Native platform. But… Read More
Introduction: Twitter is a popular social network where users share messages called tweets. Twitter allows us to mine the data of any user using Twitter… Read More
Prerequisite : MongoDB : An introduction MongoDB is a cross-platform, document-oriented database that works on the concept of collections and documents. MongoDB offers high speed,… Read More
The Internet acts as a source of plethora of information to us and all we need to do, if we want any information is to… Read More
WannaCry is a type of ransomware that infected the National Health Service(NHS) and other organisations across the globe including government institutions in China, Russia, the… Read More
This article aims to explain how to perform the following operations on audio files using a linux terminal: Download a youtube video Convert Audio/Video files… Read More

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