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Capgemini Interview Experience (On Campus ,2019)

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Capgemini conducted a campus drive for two days on our campus, I got to appear both days as the strength of students were more. Initially, we had little idea about the Capgemini, but after the orientation is given by the HR, we got a lot of motivation and great thoughts on why to join Capgemini?  What do they work on and for? etc Majority of my questions were answered. Try to stay active during the session as they start you observing from the very first point. Before the drive, we had company-specific training like any other college, thanks to the trainers who gave us a lot of motivation and life lessons. During the day of the interview it is very common to be tensed but don’t have it on your face. Stay confident and be with the presence of the mind. Before you appear to any human-based interview make sure you have enough knowledge about the company and basic research that you have done on it. Eligibility Criteria:
  • B.Tech (CSE/ ECE)
  • 10th – 60%, 12th – 60%
  • Graduation/B.Tech: 60% & Above (Without any backlog)
  • Year of graduation: 2020
Recruitment Process: Capgemini had several rounds, to recruit employees at the On-Campus level. Each of the following rounds are eliminators, no further proceedings in case you fail in either of them
  1. Online Test Round 1(Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Essay Writing)
  2. Online Test Round 2(Pseudo Codes)
  3. Technical Interview
  4. Human Resources Interview
Round One (Online Test): Exam will be conducted on the CoCubes platform, so no server issues thanks to CoCubes.
  1. Quantitative Aptitude & Logical Reasoning each 16 questions in 50 min
  2. Essay Writing 1 question in 20 min (max 161 words)
  3. Pseudo codes 25 question in 30 min
You can switch between the section during the test and without any negative marking. Each section consists of 15 questions each. Only after you clear the Aptitude section based on the result generated you are either asked to sit or leave for the day. For the first round around 600 students appeared and only 400+ cleared that round the major role in the selection is the Essay writing.
  1. Quantitative Aptitude
    • Problems on Ages
    • Time & Work
    • Time, Distance & Speed
    • Percentages
    • Profit & Loss
    • Simple Interest & Compound Interest
    • Averages, Mixtures & Allegations
  2. Reasoning Ability
    • Blood Relations
    • Number series
    • Letter series
    • Coding & Decoding
    • Logical Deductions
  3. Pseudo Codes
    • Data Structures (Theory)
      • Stack, Queue
      • AVL Trees
      • Linked Lists
      • Binary Tree
      • Infix, Post-fix, Prefix
      • Merge Sort, Internal Sort
      • Graphs
      • Binary Search
      • Heaps
    • Algorithmic Questions: In this, they will give you a pseudo-code using which you need to debug and find the answer. It is just for testing your debugging skills without any IDE how good you are able to keep track of variable values.
  4. Essay Writing
    • Strictly follow the word limit. Once you reach the minimum word limit try to end your essay.
    • Topics are general, try to avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes
    • Use simple English
    • Space after every “.” & “, “
    • Alphabet “I” should always be capital
    • General topics, famous idioms are covered
  5. Famous Essay Topics:
    • Honesty is under rated quality
    • Practical Learning v/s Theoretical Learning
    • Use of tablets for education
    • People perform better when they are appreciated
    • Role of Social Media in today’s society
    • Sports has great influence on people personality
    • People are better source of knowledge than books
    • Jack of all trades, Master of none
    • Confidence is person’s most important quality
    • Time & Tide waits for none
    • Should teachers have uniform in schools
    • Education is most powerful tool
    • Importance of physical exercise in day to day routine
    • Don’t judge a book by its cover
    • Peer pressure in youngsters
    • Students can learn more than what is taught in classroom
    • Work life balance is an important part in individual’s work life
    • Counselling helps students to take proper decisions in their careers
    • Change is constant
All the students who cleared the above rounds are asked to proceed to the further rounds. We appeared in batch-wise, so I had my interview on the following day. Technical Round: The interviewer has welcomed pleasantly, after greetings I sat in my chair. I was asked for my resume, initially, there was a behavioral check and then followed by technical questions. So I was asked to tell about myself, hobbies, Why Capgemini, What are my strengths followed by a discussion on my Project that I have done in the final year. Followed by that I was asked about my awareness, interest, and learning on the latest technology. Then I was asked to explain Linked List on what, how, where and why to use. Later I was asked to write the code for the Fibonacci series and other few intermediate level questions like the OOPs concept in real life. The percentage of selection in the technical round was always shocking and it is based on your pure skillset and way of presentation. HR Round: Once you cleared the TR we are asked to be prepared for HR round. That as well included more on behavioral questions.
  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. What is your final year project
  3. Travel Experience
  4. Contribution to the Developer Community
  5. Other active participation if done any
  6. Hackthon experience
  7. Extra circular activities
Overall it was a great effort from both the students and Capgemini Team who were really patient and were doing late-night interviews as well. I really appreciate their level of commitment. Make sure you present yourself well, be confident, be well-groomed, talk with audible voice and straight to the point, cut all the clutter and unnecessary things, be clear about your goals and strength, even if you are not so fluent in English try to maintain decent Indian accent with simple English sentences. Finally, when the results were announced I got selected for the Analyst post at Capgemini. Wish you all the best for the drive!

Last Updated : 31 Oct, 2019
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