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Capgemini Interview Experience | On-Campus 2019

Last Updated : 17 Sep, 2019
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Capgemini came to our campus(NIT Kurukshetra) in the month of August for the post of Senior Analyst. All branch students were eligible having 6 CGPA and above aggregate. The whole process was divided into 4 parts.

  1. Aptitude test and Essay
  2. Pseudo Code
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR Interview

Aptitude test and Essay:
This was the first round of interview and contained questions from reasoning, English and quantitative. The round was moderately easy and students having basic knowledge can crack the round. This was the main shortlisting round having a very high cutoff. There were around 50 questions to be done in 45
min. The evaluation was done on the spot after submitting the test for the pseudo-code round. Around 250 students gave this round and only 56 made to the pseudo-code round.

Pseudo Code:
25 questions were there in this round divided into two sections. First was the basic questions of data structure and c programming. You have to be strong with the basics of DS and programming. Many small things were asked which can only be answered if you have a deep knowledge of the above-mentioned subjects. The next section was of pseudo-code which was very easy. MCQs on recursion, loops, functions, strings, and arrays were there which were very easy. You have to be very quick to answer all these questions in 30 min. Total of 19 students was shortlisted out of 56 who gave this round.

Technical Interview:
This round was the only round before your selection. There were two interviewers who taking interviews simultaneously. You should be thorough with your resume for a smooth ride at the interview. The projects and internship mentioned in your resume play a very important role in your selection. Since I had a bunch of projects, my whole interview was centered at that only. He asked questions from the projects only and I explained everything in detail and he was really impressed with me. After talking for 20 min on my projects and internship, he started asking me many HR questions. The whole interview went on for 40-45 min and was very interactive. 12 out of 19 were selected for HR round.

HR Interview
The HR round was just a formality and the hr didn’t ask any difficult questions. She shared the feedback form of the interviewer with us and gave the remarks on what he gave us. I was given excellent in the feedback form. She asked whether I was comfortable in relocating and living in a new place. She checked our documents and gave us the training period bond of 2 years. She was very frank and asked every question nicely and answered all our quires with a whole lot of patience. All the students who faced hr round were selected.

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