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Capgemini Interview Experience (Off-Campus) – 2020

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Hello Reader, I appeared for a Capgemini Off-Campus Recruitment drive in February 2020. I received a registration link from a friend and I registered on it. And two days before the drive I received a call letter from Capgemini. It was a state-level recruitment drive and I don’t have the exact count but there were probably ~2000 people. The students were called according to their time-slots and dates mentioned in the call letter. The student arrived according to the slots and we had a pre-placement kind of very little talk with some person from the company. Then they played a video about the company and its culture. After this, the students were sent to take the test in smaller batched depending upon the capacity for labs and the number of labs in that specific college.   Round 1:The Test Round The test itself is divided into 3 parts- Part-1 – Aptitude and Logical reasoning (quite basic) The aptitude and logical reasoning part was quite simple, just some basic formula and logic of aptitude and you’ll be able to solve the majority of questions correctly. Part-2- English Paragraph writing part (Low – Intermediate level) After the aptitude and logical reasoning test comes the Essay/paragraph writing test this section is made or break deal kind of a section if one cleared this round there are high chances that you will be able to clear further rounds. During the drive, most of the students who cleared this round got placed. This was the round with high elimination. To clear this round to try to make almost no spelling or grammatical mistakes, but what if you make one while writing the paragraph? DO NOT USE BACKSPACE, YES DO NOT USE IT(They have negative scoring for every time you press backspace key). So No worries there is a hack for that too. Hack- Either use the delete key instead of backspace OR select the misspelled word and overwrite on it. Part-3- Programming Logic/ Computer Science part (You need to brush up some basic concepts) If you have cleared the part 1 and 2 of the test you will be shortlisted for the interview. But wait there is still part 3 remaining. So Capgemini is offering an Analyst position to all hired fresher, but this analyst position is further divided into 2 sections-
  1. Infra- Analyst (Infrastructure Analyst)
  2. Non-Infra-Analyst
  Now, you must be thinking about what these positions are? And can I choose My position? Infra-Analyst – It is a position in which the hired candidate will be given cloud or server management based work (IT Infrastructure) related work. (Minimum coding) Non-Infra-Analyst – Coding related position(Developer / Software development role) Can you choose your position? NO !!! The position you will be given depends based on how you score in part 3 of Round 1. There is some threshold decided- All candidates above it are Non-Infra candidates and all below are Infra-candidates. So what do they ask in this coding test? The answer is anything from Computer Networks, Data structures, algorithms, operating systems, Code snippets, Find the output, Find the error, etc. Round 2: Technical Interview  The technical interview took place the next day, i.e., Day 2, the result of the test was shared via mail and also the positions (infra/non-infra). The interviews were taken based on position- Non-Infra Candidate Interview – The interview for the most candidate were of medium difficulty, and the questions asked were technical, and candidates were asked to write codes of searching and sorting algorithms. Questions related to Computer Network, Operating System, Data structures were also asked.   Infra Candidate Interview- The interview for infra candidate was quite simple, not much technical stuff was asked it was more of a formal conversation like what are your plans, what is your dream, your goals, etc. In the technical interview, the interviewer told me that the infra profile is more related to cloud and server-based work, and basic logic of coding was required but not much will be needed. So am I willing to do a non-developer job? Round 3: HR Interview On the same day, HR interview took place and similar kind of questions was asked, also question about family background were asked and am I willing to relocate anywhere across India. When I was allowed to ask a question, out of curiosity and confusion I asked HR interviewer that
  1. What are Infra and non-infra is there a major difference in the kind of task we will be given?
  2. If given a cloud or server management project, and I wanted to go into core development will I be allowed to switch?
Answer 1 – No there is no major difference between the task that would be allotted, an Infra candidate can get a core coding project and Non-Infra candidate to get a non-development project and the vice-versa could be true also. Answer 2 – Yes candidates can switch among profiles if they want to.   NOTE: Please feel free to clear any doubts regarding the position if you are giving an interview for any company with the interviewer itself. The best person to answer your doubts is the one hiring you for that position

Last Updated : 19 May, 2020
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