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Capgemini Interview Experience For Differential Analysts (2023)

Last Updated : 04 Jan, 2024
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Today I will discuss my Capgemini Interview Experience for the Differential Analysts position.

Round 1: Online Round

Part – 1: Technical and Non-Technical MCQs

The First Round consisted of MCQ questions on an array of topics. Ranging from Numerical Ability to Logical Reasoning, English Comprehension, Synonyms, Antonyms, Voice Change, Narration Change etc. A total of 30 MCQ questions were given in this section, out of which those who got at least 20 right, were selected.

Other than that it also consisted of technical MCQs which consisted of pseudo-codes, Data Structure and Algorithm questions, Computer Networking, Cloud Computing, Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, etc. A total of 45 questions were given in this section. Those who got at least 70% of marks from this section along with the previous section were selected. The emphasis was on the Technical MCQ section, which is why the number of questions was higher. Apart from that, those who scored more than 80% combined, were allowed to sit for the next round. This is an Elimination Round.

Part – 2: Game-Based Aptitude

The next round was a Game Based Aptitude round. Here the candidates were given 4 games to play at random, out of 24 games. We needed to get as much score as possible in the stipulated time, some of the games didn’t have any exact correct answers, and some were based on puzzles. Overall this round checks the speed and accuracy of the candidate. The difficulty level of each game increased based on the performance of the candidate in the previous level. During my try, I received the following 4 games –

  • Grid Challenge
  • Switch Challenge
  • Inductive Logical Thinking
  • Digit Challenge

Each challenge had different time limits, we had to complete as many levels as possible. This is the hardest round of the Online Round as the games are given as randomly and we don’t have a limited number of questions. This is an Elimination Round. Most of the students got eliminated in this round even after performing well in the previous round.

Part – 3: Behavioral Round

This is the last part of the Online MCQ Question Round. This was a Behavioral Round which consisted of a total of 100 questions and there was no time limit given. The questions of this round were solely designed to understand the characteristics of the candidate. I can’t provide any suggestions for this round as the questions can be anything. The only thing I can suggest is to answer honestly, as there is no correct answer. But based on those answers the characteristics of the candidate will be judged.

Round 2: English Communication Assessment

This round was an AI-based round, it checked the pronunciation and fluency of the candidate. It also checked how well-versed is the candidate with basic grammar and vocabulary skills. Some questions alongside instructions were either given on the screen or said by a voice assistant to us. We had to wear a headphone with a mic to sit for this round. This round was an elimination round for those who didn’t do well in the previous rounds, but if they had done moderately in the previous round, the performance of this round didn’t do much to them.

Round 3: Online Coding Assessment

This round consisted of 2 questions, one of easy to medium level and the other medium to hard level. This round was done to identify which candidate to be assigned for the 5.75 LPA package and which one to be assigned for the 7.5 LPA package. Those who successfully did one of the problems and attempted the other were allowed to sit for the 5.75 LPA package. Those who successfully did both problems were assigned to the highest package. Those who performed not so well, meaning they didn’t complete at least 1 of the problems and whose overall performance from the first round was moderate, were assigned to the 4 LPA role. As far as I remember, the questions given to me are below –

  • A string has been given which consists of some special characters, we have to move all those special characters at the end of the given string.
  • Given a Matrix, Rotate its elements in a clockwise manner.

I did the first one completely but wasn’t able to do the second one. Some of its test cases only passed. The total time given to us was 1 hour. This is the final round before the interview process and this one was not an elimination round. This round was solely done to segregate candidates for different packages.

Round 4: Technical and HR interview

Technical Interview –

This was a face-to-face round. Both the Technical and the HR interviews were done on the same day. We were given a location (a separate college from ours) where we had to go and sit for the face-to-face interview. Technical Round was done first, the questions that were asked to me are given below –

  • Introduce Yourself.
  • Which languages are you familiar with?
  • Out of them which is your favourite language? (I said Python).
  • What is a Decorator?
  • What is a Generator?
  • Does Python support Multiple Inheritance? If yes, explain with an example.
  • What is the difference between a list and a tuple?
  • What do you understand by the term ‘__name__ == “__main__”’?
  • Explain Binary Search and write the pseudo code in paper.
  • Do you know at least the basics of any other language? (I said Java)
  • What is JVM?
  • Is a pointer available in Java?
  • Does Java support Multiple Inheritance? If yes, explain with an example.
  • Explain your projects in brief.

The round lasted for 45 minutes in total. He looked satisfied with my answers. I was told to wait for the result. I was informed that I have been selected to sit for the HR interview after 2 P.M

HR Interview –

The HR interview lasted for merely 10 minutes. The HR asked me the following questions –

  • Introduce yourself, but keep aside the technical part.
  • What do you like about Kolkata?
  • Is there anyone in your family who works in any IT company?
  • Are you willing to relocate? If so, which location is your first preference apart from your home city?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Which sport do you like?

Suggestions –

  • Keep your roots strong.
  • check previous year’s questions and go through them thoroughly.
  • Try your best to pass the first 2 rounds, as from then it’s just who gets the higher package, no more fear of elimination.
  • If you get selected for the interview, answer confidently and try to interact with the interviewer when you are not sure about any answer. Try to convince him by discuss with him regarding similar topics to show that you might not know or remember the exact answer, but this topic is familiar to you.
  • Keep yourself neat and clean, wear proper dress and tie and always have a smile on your face to make yourself look confident.


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