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Capgemini Interview Experience for Analyst (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 13 Jun, 2023
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Capgemini Interview for Analyst Role

It was the day when Capgemini visited our college University Of Engineering And Management, Kolkata for the role of Analyst 

Firstly there were 800 students who sat for the exam in the role of Analyst including myself. At first, there was a written exam (MCQ) based.

​The cutoff for the written exam was 70%.In the written exam there are questions mainly from

  • Aptitude section,
  • Computer science 
  • Related subjects like DBMS, Data Structure, Object Oriented Programming, Computer Networks, Cloud Computing, etc

.And finally, there was a round called the Gaming round in which the candidate has to pass at least 4 levels of different types of games.

Overall Aptitude round was the first round in which the cutoff was 30% and was also an elimination round

Technical MCQ round (Computer science subjects)​was the second round in which the cutoff was 40% and was also an elimination round.

The gaming round was a non-elimination round.

If a candidate clears all these three rounds with the given cutoff, then he will get the call for an interview with Capgemini for the Analyst role with a package of 4 LPA which is the base package. And I was among the selected candidate who cleared all three rounds and got the call for an interview.

It was the day of the Interview with Capgemini for the role of Analyst. The interview started with giving my Introduction, followed by questions asked from my Resume. There were mainly questions about the concept of classes and objects in C++ and an explanation of one of my projects mentioned in my Resume.

The questions asked are stated below:

  • What is an object in C++
  • Explain any one project mentioned in Resume

These were the only 2 major questions asked during my interview and the interview lasted mainly for 5 minutes.

Lastly, there was no HR round. My interview concluded by asking the interviewer to me that whether I will be able to relocate or not. My answer was yes I will be able to relocate.

Above all my interview with Capgemini for the Analyst role went very well and I was also selected for the same.

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