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Capgemini Interview Experience 2018

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Capgemini conducted a campus drive (Day-1) as per the schedule in November- 11th in our campus. Courses Eligible: B.Tech (CSE, IT, ECE)/ MCA. And 10th 60%, 12th 60%, Graduation/B.Tech CGPA: 6.0 & Above (Without any backlog).

Recruitment Process : conducts 4 rounds to recruit new employees at the Campus level.

1)- Online Test(Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Essay Writing)
2)- Sudo codes test
3)- Technical Interview
4)- HR Interview

The sections contain:-

Quantitative Aptitude & Logical Reasoning each 16 questions in 50 min
Essay writing 1 question in 20 min (max 180 words)
Sudo codes 25 question in 30 min

First round :

The online test was conducted on CoCubes platform and includes questions from Quantitative ability, Reasoning. The duration of the test was 50 minutes. You can switch between the section during the test and without any negative marking. Each section consists of 15 question each.
For first round around 870 students got selected and only 392 clear that round the major role in the selection is the Essay writing, Try to use fewer backspaces and avoid making grammar and spelling mistakes.

Second round :

This round was quite tricky and some direct questions are also there mostly on basic concepts of sorting, searching, DBMS, Algorithm, Oops concept, DS etc(Only 10 questions from all these topics and were tricky. Then 20 sudo codes questions were there and were quite a time taking so try to attempt in last moves as the previous 10 questions were theoretical and can be done more easily then use your remaining time to answer the left question as we have more chance to correct more questions.
After this round, only 286 out of 392 got selected.

Third round :

The Difficult on or in other words can be the easiest if you prepare well. Most questions are theoretical related to your previous subjects. Most Questions are from OOPs concepts and a programming language of your choice. Data structures and Algorithms, DBMS, Operating System, Some tricky questions might be asked but it depends on the mood of the interviewer. They may also ask you to write some codes or explain the logic or the optimized version of code as they ask me to do. They may also ask you to explain your projects as they ask from many of my friends, After this round out of 286, only 272 got selected for HR round.

Fourth round :

Last but not least. This was a quite easy round. Basically, they check your communication skills, confidence.
The whole interview revolves around your Resume and about your Strengths and weakness. Also about the company profile so, Revise it well. Finally, 266 got the offer.

Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2018
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