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Axtria Interview Experience | (On-campus Data/Business Analyst)

  • Last Updated : 09 Aug, 2019
Geek Week

This interview process pertains to August, 2019.

Round 1: Online Test (CoCubes)

First round was on CoCubes which had two sections: First was miscellaneous of 20 minutes (asked questions like Provide name of two professional contacts, Why would you be a fit in Axtria, etc). Second was more formal – 80 questions in 80 minutes. This had four subsections – Technical (C++), Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning.

21 people were selected out of around 35 after this round.

Round 2: Technical Interview

Tech Interview was a Hangout session. The interviewer was an ex-IIT Delhi graduate. He started by asking me to introduce myself and then proceeded to ask about two of my projects. I explained him the problem statements clearly and a quick overview of our approach. He asked a related question from one of the projects. He then asked me to provide a suggestion as to how I could improve the process pipeline at Axtria. As the profile was that of a Data/Business Analyst, I suggested we should collect more reliable ground truth by taking into account reviews from certified chemists/druggists in pharmaceutical stores. He then asked a non-technical question: “You have mentioned in your resume that you like to read books; any suggestion for me?”. I had actually not written that I read books in the extra-curricular section of my resume but I forgot about the same and proceeded to tell him I liked Thrillers and spoke about a book. In hindsight, he was probably checking my presence of mind. Anyways, he then concluded by asking if I had any questions for him and I just enquired about the work culture before signing off.

13 people were selected after this.

Round 3: HR Interview

The HR lady commenced by asking me to do a walkthrough of my resume. I proceeded by telling her about my B.Tech. experience and why I had enrolled for M.Tech. She then asked me; twice, why I wanted to join Axtria. I said the profile was a fit to the ones I had been looking for because I had done projects mostly on Machine Learning and its applications. She then asked me why I don’t want to pursue MBA and I replied that I wanted to implement what I had learnt during my Master’s on the technical front in the foreseeable future. She mentioned that I may not be placed in a project which does hardcore AI stuff but that there are opportunities to switch within the organization after 18 months of joining. She then asked me if I had any questions for her. Now I personally feel it is very important that you ask the HR a few questions to understand the profile/culture better. Most HRs, I presume, expect to know how you would be a fit to the culture. So I asked if we could work on our personal projects or collaborate with fellow Axtrians and she said that Axtria organizes yearly hackathons. Also, I’m a passionate chess player and I asked her about opportunities. She said there are multiple clubs at Axtria and a Chess Club had recently been started and the clubs are conducted/maintained by Axtria employees. Often times there are events where families of employees pitch in; she said. Overall I could sense she was satisfied with the interview and then the results were declared late in the evening.

Finally, 10 people were given offers.

Verdict: Selected


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