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Axtria Interview Experience (On Campus)
  • Last Updated : 08 Aug, 2019

Round 1:

CoCubes test consisting of two sections.

The first section consists of eight subjective questions like what do you know about Axtria, Any references you know, etc. and one compulsory question – Explain one situation where you worked in a team and showed your teamwork skills to overcome a problem. This section consists of 20 minutes.

The second section was divided into four parts. Each part consists of 20 questions. Verbal Ability ( Synonyms, Antonyms, Grammar, Fill in the blanks, Passage), Reasoning ability (Patterns, Geometry, Reasoning, Series), Quantitative (Profit & Loss, Probability, Combinatorics, Speed, Distance, Mixture) and Technical (Output questions, Inheritance <Diamond Problem>, OOPs concepts, Pointers, Arrays, etc.).

Round 2: (Around 45 minutes)

Purely resume based. At the very start, the interviewer asked me to introduce myself. Then he went on my internships. He asked me about my strengths & weaknesses and to prove those strengths with past situations of my real life. He asked me about the leadership qualities and to tell one situation in which I succeeded and one situation in which I failed. He further asked me about my plans for higher studies. He asked me about my analysis skills. He asked me to convince him to hire me in about two sentences. In the end, he asked me a puzzle ( There are three opaque jars with orange candies, green candies and both orange and green candies. All of them are incorrectly labeled, i.e., jar with orange candies is either labeled as green or orange+green. He asked me what is the minimum number of candies required to recognize the boxes correctly.) After that, he asked me any questions from my side. I asked about the foreign opportunities in the company. Then again the interview continued, he asked me why I want to go to foreign. If some company will offer me a great salary, then would I leave Axtria. He asked me what you will choose between quality and timeliness, and then he asked reasons to support my answer. He also gave me some real-life situations. He also asked why don’t I want to pursue an MBA? Finally, after some questions, he asked me for any other query.

Round 3: (Around 10 minutes)

The HR asked me to introduce myself, about higher educations. She asked me about one of my project in detail. Benefit of that project. Is that a group project or an individual project.

In the end, I got selected. 😀

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