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Company name: Axtria Ingenious Insights Profile: Data Analyst Requirements: Minimum 1-2 years of industry experience in IT and UG in CS/IT is mandatory with first… Read More
This interview process pertains to August, 2019. Round 1: Online Test (CoCubes) First round was on CoCubes which had two sections: First was miscellaneous of… Read More
Round 1: CoCubes test consisting of two sections. The first section consists of eight subjective questions like what do you know about Axtria, Any references… Read More
Round 1:  -same questions as these. Round 2: We had only 1 interview and it revolved completely around my cv, HR questions and basic knowledge of… Read More
Profiles: TECH ANALYST AND BUSINESS ANALYST Initial->Percentage based shortlisting(>65%) Round1- >Cocubes test consisting of 3 sections: Section1: Questionnaire(What do you know about Axtria,How would you… Read More
Hello everyone! Axtria Inc. came to our campus for full time hiring of final year students. They had shortlisted candidates for the interviews on the… Read More

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