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Aricent Group Chennai Interview Experience

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Aricent is a telecom(network) based company.

There were three rounds
1. Online test hosted by amcat(aspiring minds) was very easy and there was sectional cutoff

2. Technical interview … questions from networks, datastructures, os, dbms and ooad and also wireless networks.
for eg… what is the difference between vlr and hlr?
the interview duration went off for 45 minutes.

3. HR interview: I was very comfortable with the HR. They also asked me to speak about a topic for about 2 minutes, the topic is of your choice.. And some question is about the company and why aricent… etc

The total selection process was very long.. i came to college morning 8 clock and went to home at 11pm.

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Last Updated : 07 Oct, 2014
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