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Altran(Aricent) Campus Placement Process
  • Last Updated : 03 Sep, 2019
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Round 1: Online test(60 minutes).

It consisted of 10 sections i.e. Os, aptitude, logical reasoning, microprocessor, coding analysis, data structures, c output, dbms, networks. There were basic questions with no sectional cut-off or negative marking.

Key to crack this round is to try to do every question as many people in my college cleared this including me.

Round 2: Face to face technical interview which went around an hour long.

They just wanted to check if i knew basics for every subject.First, they asked about my project then she asked from every subject, be it questions related to operating systems(pcb), sql queries(create table), networks(osi model, socket address), c++ codes(reverse an array, linked list insertion, exception handling), data structures, java(any code in java, jdbc, sets), oops(polymorphism, c++ code to demonstrate oops principles).

Round 3:HR interview round.

This was around 5-10 minutes long.They asked for intro, hobbies, strengths, weakness, about altran.

And, yes i got the offer as well..

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