Viasat-Chennai R & D Interview Experience(Full time)

Round 1
The first round comprised of  MCQ questions including aptitude, logical, English(Test Duration: 1 hour and for each section there was time slot) .

Aptitude and logical part was not much difficult but tricky.I would suggest to do practice for quantitative questions to increase the speed of solving.

Tip:Don’t spend too much time on any question if you are not able to do it in the first attempt.

Round 2: 1+1/2 hr (Technical round)
Round 2 was technical round . In this round she asked me to explain oops concepts in detail with example(For each concept she asked me to write the code).then she asked me to write the code for star pattern:-


Later she gave me the puzzle to solve.

Then she asked me about my final year project and mini project(DBMS project).she asked me to draw the ER diagram for DBMS project.

she asked me the concepts of machine learning and AI.

After this she asked questions based on Data structures(tree, array, stack, queue)


Round 3: 1 hr (Technical round)
In this round he asked concepts of digital electronics and  like how microprocessor and micro controller works, pin structure of both, Interrupts.

Later he asked about cloud computing.what is it?how it works?what are the pros and cons of cloud computing?and he was expecting answers in detail. He asked me about OSI model in Computer Network.

Round 4: 1+1/2 hr (Technical round – by Country manager)
In this round he asked me the small and basic concepts of computer network. In this round you must be able to tell how each and every part of network works like port, socket, IP address, MAC address, server-client, TCP-UDP model, OSI model, Network Protocol.he asked me to explain each and every layer of OSI model.

Later he asked questions based on Distributed System.

Tip:- Study well each and every concept of Computer network. You must be able to explain how it works.

*No HR round

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