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Amdocs Interview Experience | Set 6 (On-Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 26 Mar, 2018

Amdocs came for campus recruitment in our college.It conducted an online test on a platform (i don’t remember the name though).The test consisted of 4 different sections namely technical, verbal,apti&logical, and one programming question.There were total 61 questions (1 programming question) to be done in 110 minutes.Time was a big constraint as aptitude/technical questions were pretty hard.
The test was pretty hard, I would say.There was a proper and equal emphasis on C++, JAVA, Networking, OS, DBMS,UNIX.
The coding question was pretty tough as it was to find all increasing subsequences of given array of length k.

After the test, the next day shortlist was announced.11 out of 100 students were shortlisted for the personal interview round.

The interview was majorly based on the projects I had done.I had done the project on Android and Machine Language. A thorough discussion on my android project was held for 10-15 mins.

He asked me my favorite subject, to which I replied Computer Networks.The interview being the Networking Team lead manager of Amdocs asked various questions on networking.The discussion on CN went for half an hour.Several topics such as OSI, TCP, DHCP, Link State Routing, Mobile Communications, JAVA socket connection were thoroughly discussed.

After all this, he asked me some programming questions based on Data Structures.Questions on LInked List, HashMap, Arrays were asked.
1) Implementation of HashMap
2) Reverse a Linked List
3) Few questions on Tree DS.
4) AVL Theory
5) Basic Linux and Java Questions.

My interview lasted for approx 80-90 minutes.
The interviewer was very friendly and helping in nature.It boosted my confidence.

After this HR Round was conducted.Basic HR questions like tell me about yourself, weakness, strength, why Amdocs, achievements, projects, family background, preferred job location.Basically, they wanted to check the communication skills.The HR Round lasted for 20-30 mins.

At evening, the final result was out.
9 out of 11 candidates made it to the final cut.

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