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Amdocs Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 28 Oct, 2020

Round 1(Online Round): It consists of around 50 MCQs, 2 SQL queries, and 2 coding questions. MCQs were based on topics like OOPS, OS, DBMS, UNIX, and some logical reasoning and English comprehensions. Coding questions were of medium level. All section has a sectional time limit.

Round 2(Technical Round for 80-85 min):

  1. He asked me to introduce myself. I gave my introduction to describing my technical skills, achievements, and Ranks, I knowingly draw the interviewer’s attention. I also described my major project. (A Good Introduction can leave a nice impression on him)
  2. Rate yourself in C++, Java, Python
  3. What are the projects you have worked upon(I mentioned 5 projects, so he told me to tell the top 2 in which I have spent major time)
  4. An in-depth discussion on projects: (35-40 min)

    As, I have developed my projects on new hot technologies like React.js, Node.js, and Flutter and Dart. So they tend to ask more from projects (especially if you have projects on App and Web dev.)

    I told why I have made it and how it would be helpful on a large scale. I knowingly told some advanced concepts used like Async and Await, stateful and stateless components.

    Questions asked related to projects:

    • What is API? The tool used to develop API(postman)? What JavaScript engine chrome uses(V8 engine)? How to debug through server response through the browser? (Literally wants to know step by step)
    • Why React? What is Virtual DOM and Components in react.js? Event loop in node.js? Error handling in node.js?
    • Why JSX is better? Write a small snippet of code using JSX.
    • What is the pandas’ Library? Data frame? How to convert a dictionary into JSON(dumps method)? How to parse JSON?  How is data stored in NoSQL?
    • What are the major challenges you have faced while developing the project? The developed project alone or in a group? Why you do this project?
    • What have you learned after developing these projects? How you keep yourself updated on these new technologies?

    Technical questions:

  5. Concept of Exception Handling in java.

  6. What is Virtual function? Write the code for it.

  7. Write code implementing Interfaces, Abstract Class, Abstract method.

  8. Write code implementing Run time polymorphism.

  9. Implementation of hashmap in C++? Told how it is internally working

  10. The most complex query you have ever used?

  11. What is Joins in SQL? Right, join? Inner join?

  12. Write query finding 2nd highest salary from the Employee table?

          Follow up 1: write it using Subquery.

          Follow up 2: write it using Self-Join.

  13. Diff b/w .(dot) and ->(arrow) operator used while coding.

  14. What are DFS and BFS? How DFS works? How can you use DFS in trees? (asking about tree traversals)

  15. Which algo. You have used most in Competitive programming? Write the pseudo-code for that algo.

  16. Write code counting distinct elements in an array in O(n) time.

  17. Concept of Recursion? Step-by-step internal working of it .

  18. How can we boost a java program’s performance so that it takes as much less time to execute? (basically, he wants me to tell the multithreading approach)

  19. Some basic thread concepts? Child threads?

Round 3(HR Round for 15 min):

  1. Discussion about family background.
  2. Why Amdocs?
  3. Experience working in a team.
  4. Biggest achievement in life
  5. Strengths and Weaknesses
  6. Justify one instance of your strength.
  7. Puzzle: Suppose the whole world goes black and white, then how the traffic signals would work?

Asked a few basic HR-related questions:

  • Any education gap.
  • Any family members working in Amdocs.
  • Any questions for them.

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