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Amdocs Interview Experience | On-Campus
  • Last Updated : 30 Oct, 2019

Amdocs visited our campus recently and there was a written test followed by a technical interview and HR round.

Written test included questins from SQL, UNIX, C programming, Logical Reasoning, Apitude test, C program to check if a string is Palindrome or not.There were total 51 questions and 2 Hrs time to complete them.


Approx 35 students cleared the Written Test.

Then it was the time to appear for the Interview.

Round 1:Technical Interview.

This round was a little different from the other experiences shared by fellow geeks.

They made batches of 7 students and gave them the task of writing a program. (For one Group: the program was to reverse  a given string in the pairs of 3, (abcde= cbaed), other condition was to not touch the special characters(?, *), ( eg: a*c?*d == c*a?*d). They gave us 10 mins to come up with the solution. The invigilator was super helpful and explained the problem with a detailed example.

Then he called us one by one, and asked to explain the solution, along with some basic questions about why you followed this approach and some questions from C++/JAVA. They also asked a puzzle and discussed about the approach followed to solve it.


16 students passed that round.

Round 2:HR Interview

HR interview was an interesting one with lots of questions about future plans and Why Amdocs and location preference etc. It went smooth for most of the students.


After about 2 Hrs, the result was announced and 15 students got selected.

They distributed the offer letters there after and gave a brief talk about the next steps in the journey and how to utilize this one year to improve your communication and technical skills.


It was a great experience overall.


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