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Amazon Interview Experience | SDE Internship

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  • Last Updated : 30 Jul, 2019

Amazon’s selection process for SDE intern through Amazon Campus Mentorship Series.

Round 1: Two Coding questions + 20 MCQ from computer basics

First Question –

Second Question –

Around 20 were selected among 300 from my college for the Amazon campus mentorship series in which we were divided into teams, and a mentor was assigned to us for a project for 4 months. We had monthly sessions and project reviews with the mentor. There were 30-40 students from other colleges as well with us.

After 4 months, we had an online test

Round 2: Two Coding questions +6 Debugging questions + 20 Mental ability questions

!st coding Question –

2nd coding Question –   (It was something similar to this)

Debugging and other rounds were easy

Round 3:Project presentation which we had done for 4 months 

The panel basically wanted to know about the concepts you learned while making the project and your involvement.

The online test and presentation marks were added and around 25 people were selected for final interview round.

I was one among them.

Round 4- The interviewer for very friendly and asked me what data structures i am comfortable with

I said trees, graphs, linked list, stack queue etc

Then he asked me the following questions

In every question, he wanted me to reduce the time complexity, in the last question i gave him a solution using sorting but then he asked me to given another solution without sorting, i said hashing, he was satisfied with that.

For every question, he wanted me to look for corner cases.

The interviewer for not only looking for answer, he wanted to see your problem solving abilities . In the 3rd question, I struggled a little but then after some discussions I was able to come to the correct answer.

After some days we got the results and I was selected for SDE Internship at Amazon 🙂 🙂

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