Amazon Interview Experience for FTE SDE Internship (AmazeWoW)

AmazeWoW is a development initiative with internship and FTE SDE (Full-time Software Development Engineer) opportunities for Amazon in India, focused on bringing in top talent from engineering institutes. AmazeWoW aims at building gender balance at the entry-level for the SDE role so that with Amazon’s talent nurturing environment, the future leadership pipeline of the Amazon technology team is more diverse. 

Online Test: There were 4 sections in the online test, code debug, coding test (two questions), Work Styles Assessment, and logical ability.

Coding Questions :

  1. Longest Palindromic Substring: Standard DP question.
  2. Find the most frequently occurring word in a sentence that is not in a given list of banned words: Divide the sentence into a stream of words, then use a hashmap to keep the count of the number of occurrences of each word that is not in the list of banned words and print the words from the hashmap with the maximum count.

Telephonic Interview: The interviewer first asked me to introduce myself.

Coding Questions:

  1. Queue based approach for first non-repeating character in a stream.
  2. Output the leaves of a tree in the first line, then output the nodes which will become leaves after removing the current leaves in the next line. We had to repeat this process until the tree was empty. This can be done by storing the height of each node. Output the nodes in ascending order of heights.

He asked me the time and space complexities at each and every step. He also asked me to check my codes for edge cases.


Important Tips:

  1. Be thorough with your data structures and algorithms.
  2. Know the time and space complexities of every piece of code you write.
  3. Before coding during the interview, clarify all your doubts with the interviewer.
  4. Check your code for all the edge cases.
  5. Write clean code.

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