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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE Summer Intern

Last Updated : 16 Aug, 2023
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I recently had the opportunity to interview with Amazon for a summer internship as a Software Development Engineer (SDE) at NIT Jalandhar. The interview process consisted of an online coding round followed by an interview round. Though I was not selected for the internship. I would be happy to share my experience


The online coding round comprised two moderate-level questions. The first question involved implementing an LRU Cache, and the second question revolved around manipulating an array using a map. I successfully solved both questions. I also ensured that my code ensures the time and space complexity involved. I also handled the corner cases.


In the interview round, the interviewer began by asking me to introduction. I briefly talked about my background, and education, and highlighted my passion for software development and problem-solving. The interviewer was quite a senior guy and moved to DSA questions simultaneously.

The first question was related to finding the median in a stream of numbers. I discussed my approach with the interviewer and proceeded to implement the solution. I started with the brute force approach and slowly moved to optimize the code. I was required to code my solution in 30 minutes

The second question involved removing the first duplicate element from a linked list. I similarly started with my thought process, then moved to explain to him the 2-3 brute force approach. Also then I optimized the code


Despite my best efforts and completion of the coding tasks, I was told that I had not been chosen for the internship position at Amazon. Although the result disappointed me, I recognized that the selection process was quite tough and that there might have been applicants who more closely matched the particular needs and expectations of the position.

But it is said you should learn from failures. So reflecting upon myself. I think I was prepared for Technical things but I was not able to present myself to interviewer. After the rejection , instead of getting demotivated. I tried explaining problems to other . This way I ensured , I not only prepared for DSA but also become good in presentation

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