Adobe Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020 Product-Dev Summer Intern

Adobe informed in September 2019 that it would be hiring product-developer interns for Summer 2020 from our campus.

Round 1:
Online Round hosted on Hackerrank (No Negative-Marking)
Duration: 90 mins
Eligibility: 7.0+ CGPA, CSE/IT/ECE students.

There were:

  • 13 MCQs for 17 marks: Matrices, Probability, Eigen Values, etc. (Quantitative topics)
  • 1 Coding question for 3 marks: A sorted array is given whose elements represent the number of people the umbrella at that index can cover, and a certain number of people is provided. Find the minimum number of umbrellas required to exactly cover the given people, else if not possible, return -1. Dynamic Programming provides the optimal solution for this. (The score is based on the number of test-cases passed)
  • 1 Pseudocode-writing question for 3 marks: Print a matrix in spiral order.
  • 1 250-word Creative-Essay question: What do you understand by IoT and what are the possible future-technologies related to it that may come into existence?

My tip: Write well-indented, clean code with appropriately-named variables.

Out of around 100 students, only 7 were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2:
Skype Round:
My interviewer was very polite and friendly. He first asked me to introduce myself informally and mention why I chose to study CSE.

He then asked me what my favourite subject is, what kinds of companies I am interested in working for, what upcoming areas in Applied Computer Science I am interested in, and which companies and their products make use of these techniques.

He had my resume in hand and asked me to discuss my project which was in C++ and based on optical networks. About 25 minutes were spent and I explained it in detail; he asked many questions regarding the objectives and implementation. I told him that we haven’t studied the subject Networks yet, when he asked a specific question on it. He said he was impressed with the clarity of my description.

Next I shared my screen and had to write the code to find the triplets in an array that satisfy the Pythagorean theorem within 10 minutes. I wrote both the naive and optimized versions and explained the approaches. He was happy as they passed the test cases he had in mind without requiring changes.
After that he asked me a puzzle-
I answered this too. He then asked me about my hobbies, and where I see myself 10 years down the line.
This interview lasted for an hour.

The next night, the results were out, and I was 1 of the 3 candidates selected.

I have to thank GeeksforGeeks which I used throughout my preparation, especially the experiences section and the company-wise and topic-wise sections!

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