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Adobe MDSR Summer Intern Interview Experience 2021

Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2021
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Position – MDSR Intern

Round 1: Written Round

  • So the written round for adobe was a mix of an Aptitude test and 2 coding questions. I dont remember much in what was asked but there were some probability questions, along with general aptitude and puzzle-solving.
  • In coding, there were strings questions that asked us to do some operations on strings and see if both strings were equal, and one DP question or Backtracking question

Round 1: Technical, Managerial and HR

  • In the Interview round, we had a small brief introduction and then I had to talk about any one of my projects that I was really confident in and I went with one where I had implemented a Complex Road and player animation system in WebGL.
  • After this, there were a series of probability questions, some DSA questions regarding the creation of a new data structure according to specific needs, and we ended with Neural networks and BERT.
  • This was a 1-hour interview and they exhausted everything that was there in my CV essentially, but there were small hints that they gave along the way at all times.

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