Amazon Interview Experience for 6-Months Intern (On-Campus)

Amazon visited our campus(Tier-3) in October and asked us to apply for a job (They provide a Link for the portal). There’s no resume screening for the OA round

Round 1: Online Assessment on Amcat (4 – sections)

  • Debugging Round
  • Coding Round
  • Logical Reasoning (easy questions)
  • Workstyles behavior questions

Around 40 students were shortlisted after this round

Round 2 (Technical Interview): Lasted for one hour. Nothing asked except tell me about yourself followed by 2 coding questions

  1. Given an array, we need to do the following operations

    • Operation 1: Find the sum from the start index to the end index.
    • Operation 2: Update an element at a given index.

    Solved using segment tree

  2. Given a tree find if that tree is a max-heap or not

Round 3 (Technical Interview):

  2. Given a sorted array construct a minimal height BST

Verdict: Selected

4 people were selected from our college

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