Adrosonic Interview Experience for SE (Research and Innovation) | On-Campus 2020 (Virtual)

Recently I interviewed at Adrosonic CS IT Pvt. Ltd which came to my campus for the role of Research and Innovation Engineer, the whole interview process was smooth and virtual due to covid-19, we appeared for the process from our homes. The process rounds which took place were as follows:

A total of 120-150 students applied for this role and there was initial shortlisting by the company and then, a total of 90 around students appeared for the first round which was an Aptitude Test Round.

Aptitude Test Round (Elimination Round): It consists of a total of 90 questions were there which consists of Verbal (20 questions), logical (20 questions), quantitative (20 questions), and computer-related technical MCQ questions involving concepts of C++ input-output, OOPS (Object-Oriented Programming), Networking, DBMS (Database Management Systems), OS (Operating Systems) questions. After this round, a total of 32 candidates were shortlisted for GD (Group Discussion Round).

Behavioral Questions (Non-elimination Round): After the test, we were given a  link to fill out our answers to the given behavioral questions there were around 7 questions (all compulsory) to be filled and submitted, the questions were basically to test your thinking and understanding skills to a particular situation.

Group Discussion (Elimination Round): We were divided into 4 groups of 8 each and we had our group discussion where my topic was Social Media: Merits and Demerits, at first we were given 2 minutes time to think and then 15 minutes time for discussing, I spoke for 2-3 minutes listing merits and demerits of it and kept on adding more points to it. After this round, a total of 13 candidates were shortlisted for Personal Interview Round. You can find the topics for GD from the IndiaBix website.

Psychometric test (Non-elimination Round): This round had around 40-50 questions that were given to measure individuals’ mental capabilities and behavioral style designed to measure candidates’ suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude (or cognitive abilities).

Technical Interview + HR Round: This round was taken in slots, there were four-panel members. Questions were asked related to OOPS concepts, database (NoSql, SQL), and was resume based completely. I was asked about the internship which I mentioned in the resume on what technologies I worked upon and how was my journey and learnings and some behavioral questions.

At last, results came out around 2:00 am and only 4 out of 13 got selected for the full-time offer at Adrosonic as Research and Innovation Engineer, and I was one of them, thanks to the free resources provided by GeeksforGeeks.

Overall it was a good experience, I enjoyed the process.

Important: Practice aptitude questions from IndiaBix and GD topics as well and for computer-related technical MCQs follow GeeksforGeeks, be confident in GD as well as the interview, and speak good points in GD. 

The platform used for aptitude and behavioral questions were:

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