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Moonraft Innovation Labs Interview Experience

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 12 May, 2020

Round 1: Written Test
Duration: 1 hour
The paper has puzzles and coding problems. We were supposed to write only the logical part of the program. The puzzles were all from the GeeksforGeeks archive. So, I force you to by heart all of the puzzles if you are going for this company. While solving puzzles in the written test, you just have to explain the puzzle, that’s it.

Round 2: Technical Interview
Duration: 25 minutes
It was a one to one interview. We greeted each other. He told me about himself. Then he asked me to tell about myself. So, I did. Then he took my written test answer sheet and told me solve one of the questions again which was wrong and asked me to explain it. Then he asked me one more puzzle. The puzzle was – “There are 10 balls arranged in form of an equilateral triangle, with only movement of 3 balls, make the triangle inverted.” Then he asked me another puzzle which was already in the question paper i.e. to measure 9 mins from a 7 minutes hourglass and 4 minutes hour glass. I answered it correctly. Then he looked into my resume and asked me about my 2 projects. Then he asked me questions from Web Development, he asked a question from <div> tag i.e. if there are two div tags nested in a parent div tag along with some CSS i.e. their background colors, then how it will be displayed on the computer screen. I told him the answer along with the explanation. He was satisfied. That’s it.

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Round 3: Technical Interview
Duration: 25 minutes
The interviewer was on a senior post in the company. So, he was a bit arrogant and has attitude in him. I don’t want to disclose the name. My tip is you whosoever person is sitting in front of you. You should keep your calm and should listen to him because he’s at a higher position from you. So, I did the same. I was polite to him. He started the interview looking at my resume. He asked me whether I can code or not. I anticipated he was going to ask me to write some code. And that’s what he did. He asked me to write a code to print spiral matrix. I took time but I wrote it. Then he started asking me questions from it, like what is the stopping condition and all. Then he looked at my code and said it will not work. I corrected it a bit and explained the logic to him. He was satisfied. Them he gave me another coding question. The question was to print all the words stored in a text file along with their count(Simple dictionary in python, hash function in java). I wrote the code and explained to him. He was satisfied. That’s it.

They shortlisted around 22 students. From which around 5-6 they rejected after the first round. After everyone’s 2nd round. They announced the list of students whom they have hired. Fortunately, my name was in that list.

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