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Adobe Interview Experience for MTS-1 (1.5 Years Experience)

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 06 Jan, 2020
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2 Rounds of online test, one related to aptitude and other is related to c++. Aptitude one had around 39 questions and 2hours was given. C++ one had 19 questions and 2 hours was given. 7 coding questions and others basic c++ questions.

  • Round 1(Technical):-
    1. There are N nuts and N bolts, u have to find all the pairs of nuts and bolts in minimum no. of iteration (comparison). All the nuts/bolts might have different diameter.
    2. There is a paragraph having million characters. You have to find out the first non –repeating character in the complete paragraph. For example:- aab cld jb then answer should be :- c
    3. Any base to any base conversion i.e base 11 to base 7
    4. Questions related to Multi-Threading i.e synchronization or usage of Volatile (Basic questions)
    5. Questions related to projects from my resume
  • Round 2(Technical):-
    1. Questions related to Multi-Threading i.e synchronization or usage of Volatile (Basic questions)
    2. Questions related to projects from my resume
    3. Garbage collection algorithms
    4. As I had Java background, so he asked me New features in JAVA 8
    5. There are chocolates each worth x. You have total amount y with you. And you can exchange z wrappers for 1 chocolate. So in this way how many chocolates he can eat.
  • Round 3(Technical):-
    1. Declare a 2D array using pointer notation.
    2. A brief discussion about my work.
    3. Suppose there are packages having volume m and there are n packets having volume a,b,c…. each having volume less than m. So you need to find out the minimum no. of packets required to wrap up the products.
    4. There are N cities spread in the form of circle. There is road connectivity b/w city 1 and 2, then city 2 and 3 and so on till city n and 1. Each ith city has a petrol pump where you can pick pith petrol and distance between ith and i+1 th city is di . Assume you car has a mileage of 1km/litre. You have to find out if there exist any city, if you start from that city then you can visit all the cities either in the clockwise or anticlockwise fashion.
  • Round 4(HR Round):-
    Normal HR questions

  • Round 5 (Director Round):-
    1. Questions a bit related about my personal life i.e schooling activities or hobbies.
    2. Questions pertaining to the best work(projects) that I did
    3. Things that every software programmer should know and he asked me to convince him.
    4. What do you do to keep urself updated on the technology.
    5. Asked me about any open source projects which I had and put in GIT…… told him about all of my projects.
    6. Few more questions related to technology.

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