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1mg Interview Experience for SDE FTE | 1.3 Years Experienced

Last Updated : 28 Oct, 2021
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Interviewed in Sept-2020. There were 3 technical rounds.

Round 1: Started with a puzzle-solving (similar to one found in GFG or interviewBit puzzles section). Then DS/Problem-Solving questions were asked. Questions from the work done in current org. Python language-related questions as I had mainly worked with Python in my current organisation. Resume projects were also discussed in brief.

Round 2: Mainly focuses on DSAlgo/Problem-Solving. This time questions were little trickier than the previous round.

Round 3: This round was taken by the hiring manager, he asked about my projects in my current organisation, asked some software designing and architectural situational based questions. Asked me about my previous works, most challenging project I have worked on etc.

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