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Adobe Interview Experience for MTS-1 (Off-Campus) 1 Year Experienced

Last Updated : 05 Jul, 2022
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I contacted Adobe recruiters through LinkedIn. I have interviewed for the Member of Technical Staff 1 role. I was having experience of 1 year in a product-based company at the time of the interview. There were 4 rounds of interviews scheduled in total. Three of them were held on the same day.

Technical Round 1 (60 minutes): It was taken by a 4-year experienced Computer Scientist-1. Started off with an introduction. I was asked a few fundamental questions from my current tech stack. This round was primarily focused on Data Structures and problem-solving. They started with a simple question and gradually moved to tough questions.

  • Squares of a Sorted Array.
  • Number of Islands.
  • Check If Array Pairs Are Divisible by k.

I explained all the approaches to all the problems with their respective time and space complexity. They expected me to write fully functional and optimized code in any editor of choice and carefully examined the way of writing code. They asked me to explain my code and asked some follow-up questions regarding that. They asked me some OOPs-related questions. There were supposed to be 2 coding questions but there was adequate time left to ask the third question. The interviewer was impressed.

Suggestions: Try to practice(don’t just find the approach on your mind) DSA questions from Leetcode and GeeksForGeeks for topics such as List, Queue, Stack, BST, Arrays, Searching, and Sorting. Have a good grasp of concepts on OOPs for both C++ and Java.

Technical Round 2 (60 minutes): It was taken by a 6-year experienced Computer Scientist-2. Directly jumped on coding questions.

  • Top K Frequent Words.
  • Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters.

Solved both the problems with optimized approaches similarly. The round was pretty fast and took around 40-minutes. The interviewer didn’t ask anything else.

Manager Round (1.5 hours): It was taken by an 11-year experienced Project Manager. Both of us gave an introduction. Then I was asked a lot of questions about my current works and also about my B.Tech projects.

  • Unique Paths II.  (modified version)

There were also problems with system memory management, co-ordinate geometry and complier-designs(haven’t expected). Initially, very little information was provided. I needed to ask a lot of clarifying questions. This round was very weird as there were no direct questions asked. The interviewer grilled me a lot. After that had a long 30-minute discussion about his projects.

Suggestions: Ask all the questions you need to clarify the question then jump to the solution. Expect the unexpected.

After a couple of days, I got a call from the recruiter, informing me that my Director round was skipped and they would like to proceed with the Offer.

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