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Accolite Interview Experience for Internship+FTE (Off-Campus 2020)

Last Updated : 30 Nov, 2020
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I applied to Accolite Tech fresher hiring 11.0 last month off the campus. There were 5 rounds in total.

Round 1: It was conducted on the Eduthrill platform of Accolite. It had aptitude questions, questions on Computer Science subjects like Operating Systems, Computer Networks, DBMS. Each test had 5 questions for which 5 minutes of time was given and a student is expected to give at least 20 tests with a minimum of 60% accuracy in each.

They gave almost a month of time to write these tests. So, one can write them at any time, and the more tests you write, the more the chances of you qualifying for the next round.

Round 2: Conducted on Codelyser platform. The second round is a coding challenge consisting of 1 question to be solved in 1 hour.

  1. Smallest subarray having an element with frequency greater than that of other elements

Round 3: Technical Interview on Skype.

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Coding question:

Given an array of strings (all lowercase letters), the task is to group them in such a way that all strings in a group are shifted versions of each other.A string belongs to a group if the string matches with all the strings in the group by rotating the string.  

Example for rotation:

“abc” -----> rotated by 3 -----> “def”
As well rotation is done with   mod26
“abc” , “def” ,”pqr” belongs to the same group
 since they can be transformed to other string in 
 the same group by rotation
Sample Input - [“abc” , “def”, “pqr” , “abbc” , “cdde”,”a”,”b”]
Sample Output - [

I solved this by generating a pattern for each string and using a hashmap.

  • Primary and Secondary Indices.
  • ACID Properties.
  • Difference between where and having in SQL.

Round 4: Technical Interview on google meet.

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Write the database schema for any one of your projects after explaining about the project. (I couldn’t write).
  • Coding questions:
  • We are given cities we need to go from c0-c1-c2-……-cn and then back to c0…with given fuel cost from every city to next city, the cities where petrol bunks are available is also given. We need to find the minimum steps required.

               Grilled so much on these two questions.

I solved both questions.

Verdict: Selected for Internship+FTE offer.

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