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Accolite Interview Experience for Internship+FTE | On-Campus 2020
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 31 Dec, 2020

Accolite came for hiring in August 2020 in our campus for the SDE role (FTE + internship). We had a total of 4 rounds (2 online + 2 technicals). Here is my interview experience for the same.

Round 1 (Online MCQ Round): This round was conducted on CodeLyzer platform, There were 25-30 MCQs from OS, CAO, DBMS, aptitude, and algorithm analysis. There was 1 easy aptitude question as well.

Round 2 (Online Coding Round): Only 1 question on Hard Backtracking(popular question known as containing a virus). We had to enter sample tests also and run code.

After this round 25 students were shortlisted for next round.

Round 3 (Interview): More of a kind of warm-up round. I was asked to tell logic of bubble sort and design a Database system on Placement Cell Software for colleges to track which student got placed and other functionalities had to draw ER diagram and SQL queries. Also had a discussion on projects on my resume.

This round went for around 40 minutes.

Round 4 (Final Interview) 90 minute: This was the Hardest of all rounds. They first drilled me on concepts of hashing and collisions and different scenarios when and what type of hashmap is ideal for different scenarios like mapping of IP addresses while DNS resolving and other scenarios like that. 

Later a general discussion on my image processing project which was based on data structure algorithms and ended the interview

This round went for around 90 minutes.


  • Think out loud
  • Have some mock interview practice with some friends, it will help you to handle pressure while giving an interview.

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