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A Step by Step Guide for Placement Preparation | Set 1

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Campus placements season is beginning at almost all the colleges and each one of us wants to prepare to do our best. A lot of students have been asking on different forums “How to use GeeksforGeeks for placement preparation”? In this article, a step-by-step guide for placement preparation is discussed. 


  1. Aptitude Test
  2. Programming Language It is recommended to know at least one language thoroughly)C++, Java, Python. Most commonly used languages are C++ and Java as some companies won’t allow you to code in Python as they have in-built libraries.C++ is the fastest language and is most commonly used for CP( Competitive Programming ) and Java & Python are used for CP as well as development.   
  3. Subject basics: Most important subjects that you must know for any company interview are undoubtedly data structures and algorithms.
  4. Other important CS subjects: Please go through the basics of the following three subjects :
  5. Top topics for Interview Preparation for Software Developer: An assorted list of questions that should not be skipped.
  6. Tracking your progress: It is recommended that you create a profile on GeeksforGeeks for this. Logged-in users can keep track of what is done and what is in To Do.

Need assistance with your placement preparation and coding practices? Have a look at our Complete Interview Preparation Course. The course has been designed by our expert mentors to help students crack the coding interview of top product or service-based organizations . You get access to premium lectures, 200+ coding questions bank, resume-building tips and much more.Enroll in Complete Interview Preparation and give a boost to your placement preparation.

  1. Practice is undoubtedly the key to success : Click here and choose the company to practice the coding questions that have been asked earlier. Students generally are seen skipping practice part and landing into trouble when asked to write the code in a live interview. Therefore, PRACTICE is strongly recommended.
  2. Top 25 This is the list of top 25 questions which have been asked in multiple companies.
  3. Most Important And Commonly asked DSA problems in interviews.
  4. MCQs of various subjects: These are asked in the first round of many companies and also help you build the basics and foundations of any subject or topic.
  5. Interview Corner: Interview Experiences give you a fair idea about what you might go through in your interviews. You should carefully observe the comments wherein students have answered certain queries regarding the placement process too. Choose your company and start preparing today!

Set 2 – To guide you going beyond the basics and getting placed in your dream companies πŸ™‚  





Data Structure



Computer Networks

Operating System

Now let’s see the part-2 of our Step by Step Guide that will help you in your placement preparation!

A Step by Step Guide for Placement Preparation | Set 2

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Last Updated : 13 Mar, 2023
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