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Gateways as the name suggest are one kind of gate (passage) which connect smart objects to the servers by application of fog computing.  In IoT,… Read More
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Slammer Worm is known as sapphire, Helkern, etc. This is the fastest spreading worm in the year 2003 and some called this a ‘Worhol worm’.… Read More
Prerequisite: Keyloggers Introduction to KeyLogger It is software designed to record the keystrokes done by the user. This is one of the most basic software… Read More
IP address (Internet Protocol Address) recognizes computers on the Internet. It is a string of digits separated by some delimiter. When your device sends requests… Read More
Introductions Crypto Virus occurred from 5 September 2013 to late May 2014. This virus is also known as the crypto locker (isolated in late May… Read More
Introduction : This virus name I love you referred to as a love bug or a love letter. It infected over 10 million computers and… Read More
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Password Entropy is the measure of password strength or how strong the given password is. It is a measure of effectiveness of a password against… Read More
1. Control Structure :Control Structure, as name suggests, is basically a set of statements and control statements that are controlling their execution.   2. Control… Read More
1. Structured Programming :Structured Programming, as name suggests, is a technique that is considered as precursor to OOP and usually consists of well-structured and separated… Read More